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Running out of Social Media ideas? We’re here to help.

If you’re managing the social media for your Positive Impact Organization, I’m sure you’ve got a lot on your plate, so let us share some inspiration with you! 

If no one has said this to you lately, you’re doing a great job! Coming up with new ideas, turning those ideas into actual posts, and sharing them while actively engaging with your community can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re part of a small team or if it’s just you! But not to worry, everyone has a bit of writer’s block now and then and with social media management, it’s par for the course. 
Here are a few suggestions that always help us out when we’re in a bind! 

People WANT to engage with you, but in order for them to do that you have to be active about what you’re up to. If you have recent events, news, or fundraisers, share away! The more you can share about how the events feel, the better! Maybe you have supporters that don’t live close enough to come to an event, paint the picture for folks farther away so that they can stay connected. 

Your positive impact organization is about so much more than just a mission statement or goals, it is made up of passionate people who truly care. It’s so important to share with your followers about the people who make up your wonderful organization. It could look like an employee spotlight of the month or could highlight a big internal win. Let people see how wonderful the people are who work 40+ hours a week to make a difference. 

Invite folks to current volunteer opportunities

Share about any potential volunteer opportunities coming up. People are often following you on social media to be kept up to date about ways to help, so make it easy for them by including calls to action and be sure to include a link in your bio so they can find more info! Need to host multiple bio links? Don’t worry, we’ve got a free solution for that problem. Try LinkTree, it’s free

Share stories from volunteers

Show what an average work day is like at your office

Social is more than talking AT people. It’s about building a community of like minded folks who care about the world and want to do their best to make it better, just like you. Chances are if you like seeing upbeat puppy videos, your audience likes it too! You can highlight an office pet or highlight a rescue that is doing good work in your community. People will appreciate learning about other great orgs that you recommend!
Be sure to check out our past blog about How to be Social on Social Media. There are some great tips there too!

Let us know if these helped in the comments below. We’d love to connect with you on social. Be sure to check us out on the platforms below. 

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