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Pinterest could be your Positive Impact Organization’s secret weapon

Social media can do a lot of good for your positive impact organization.

Generally, orgs focus on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter/X. But what about Pinterest?! It is arguably one of the most underutilized platforms and a tremendously effective way to find new audience members. Here’s how and why you should be using Pinterest!

Share content that can improve your field

Often times, it is easy to get caught up in thinking that you need to post just to post. But if you take a step back and think quality over quantity, your content can really help contribute to your field in a big way. All of us, regardless of our fields, can help our colleagues leap further. If you can retrain your brain into thinking that a social media post can be more than just content, then you can really start to affect some change for the world. 

Already writing a blog? Create a pin for it!

As we mentioned, links that connect back to your org’s website are great for SEO. But, in addition to great SEO results, the more links you create can position you as a leader in your field. It’s thinking of the long game, but investing in your field is worth it. If your positive impact organization already has a blog, make pins for each entry! Suddenly, your Pinterest profile can have TONS of pins quickly and people can start to recognize you as the go-to authority in what you write about and share with the world. 

Looking to target Millennials and Gen Z’ers? Use Pinterest! 

According to Sprout Social, the amount of Gen Z’ers using Pinterest is going up by the year, currently they have 23 million Gen Z users! And Millenials make up nearly 30% of their base users. Pinterest is one of the few platforms that people search for generalized concepts, like “nonprofits” or “How can I make a difference” and that is a prime location for your positive impact organization to do a lot of good by finding new audience members! 

Find new donors 

According to that same article in Sprout Social, 45% of US Pinterest users have an income of over $100k, which means that it’s a great place to find new donors and a perfect place to fundraise in new ways. 80% of Pinterest users say Pinterest makes them feel positive. 9 in 10 users also call Pinterest a social media oasis—whereas only 3 in 10 users say that about other social media platforms. Meaning that you have an entire platform full of millions of people with expendable income who want to help. Pinterest is sounding like a pretty good platform for a positive impact organization right? See! We told ya! 

Once you join Pinterest, come find us at @DigitalMountaineers. See you there? Happy pinning! 📌



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