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Our team is comprised of enthusiastic, driven individuals with a passion for what they do. Each team member brings a fresh perspective, solid experience, and a breath of fresh air to your project.

"Digital Mountaineers, LLC. became an extension of our own team. A lot of...consultants focus only on the end results, but they really spent time understanding our business." — Client Review


Jordan Zarate

CEO & Technical Program Director

“If you don’t go when you want to go, when you do go you’ll find you’ve gone.” — Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro in The World’s Fastest Indian

About Jordan

I’m a nerd on a personal mission to help those who are helping others. With over a decade of experience across the Web, Nonprofit, and Public Education landscapes, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with over 100 nonprofit organizations in my career.

Favorite Movie

The World’s Fastest Indian

Hobbies/Time off activities

  • Nerding out over tea
  • Slowly restoring my 1949 Lester Console Piano
  • Serving as a nonprofit board member and advisor to Positive Impact Organizations™

Charity of Choice

About Jen

Meet Jen, our Digital Marketing Director, here to guide you through the digital marketing realm. Beetlejuice may have the reputation for being the “ghost with the most”, but Jen has mastered the art of making an entrance for your organization. Not with a head-spinning twirl mind you, but with data-driven campaigns and strategies that turn heads and captivate audiences.

Favorite Movie

Beetlejuice, The Neverending Story, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Evil Dead

Hobbies/Time off activities

When not conjuring marketing magic, Jen channels her creative spirit into writing poetry/lyrics, singing, playing guitar, and painting. With a natural ability to fuse fun and innovation into every project, Jen will ensure that your brand’s presence is far from the Netherworld.

Charity of Choice


Jennifer Johnson

Digital Marketing Director

“I love working in digital marketing because it’s the art of turning clicks into change, pixels into progress, and screens into platforms for social good.”

Natalie Camunas

Social Media & Web Content Manager

“Creativity is the language we use to communicate the urgency of our dreams for a better future.” – Audre Lorde

About Natalie

Natalie was born with a pen in her hand. No, not really, that’d be weird. But she has been a writer for a very long time. As our web content and social media expert, Natalie brings over 10 years of professional storytelling experience as a stage artist to all of her digital marketing clients. Natalie knows that every client has a story just waiting to be told and she will work hard to find it, even if it’s hiding under old web design or a cluttered Instagram grid. No judgment, help is on the way dear. (Mrs. Doubtfire reference, IYKYK) With extensive experience in front-end web design projects, freelance social media management, and organic growth, her dynamic blend of skills is a win-win for all. She can’t wait to meet you and help you tell YOUR story.

Favorite Movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, It’s A Wonderful Life

Hobbies/Time off activities

  • Taking walks around the lake with my Shiba Inu, Charlie 
  • Peloton’ing 
  • Meditating

Charity of Choice

About Kjeldzen

Hello! I’m Kjeldzen Marie A. Agustin. By day, I design awesome websites, pulling from my 3+ years of experience. I start my morning routine with a cup of coffee in hand. I’m all about watching KDramas or enjoying peaceful walks outside. I love blending my professional side with a good dose of fun. Whether I’m crafting a website or picking the next KDrama to watch, I bring my full passion and a bit of silliness to the table.

Favorite Movie

When Harry Met Sally

Hobbies/Time off activities

  • Coffee-ing
  • Watching Netflix

Charity of Choice

Agos for Aetas

Kjeldzen Marie Agustin

Web Developer

“It doesn’t matter where you start. Only that you begin.” – Robin Sharma

Lily Y.

Senior UX Manager

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

About Lily

Lily is our UI/UX expert, managing the creation of perfect designs that make people smile and workflows that please users more. While crafting aesthetics is vital, Lily equally prioritizes usability, accessibility, and user-friendly design. She boasts eight years of professional expertise in website design and development.

Favorite Movie

The Lord of the Rings. Actually many to mention. Trying to list them all is like herding forgetful cats through a maze of memory lanes.

Hobbies/Time off activities

Devouring Manga like it’s my daily multivitamin.

Charity of Choice

About Val

I’m a passionate web & graphics designer with over a decade of design wizardry. My creative journey has taken me through the colorful world of UI/UX, where I craft digital experiences that make users go “Wow, it looks less complicated now!” feeling.

Favorite Movie

My ever-expanding collection of all-time favorite films is like a treasure trove, but three gems that hold a particularly special place are ‘Spider-Man’ from 2002, ‘Van Helsing’ from 2004, and ‘Constantine’ from 2005.

Hobbies/Time off activities

When I’m not crafting pixels, you can find me immersed in the realm of underappreciated indie music, seeking the hidden gems that add rhythm to my design canvas. Of course, my ‘caffeine research’— not sure if it’s a hobby or survival strategy!

Charity of Choice


Val Barcial

Web & Graphics Designer

“If at first, you don’t succeed, then maybe skydiving isn’t for you.

Meet The Mascots

Since we are a remote-only company, these furry friends are essentially our coworkers!
Meet the Mascots that keep our team happy and motivated.


CEO of Fun

Truly man’s best friend, Lincoln is the mastermind behind smart website design. The only thing he loves more than a mobile-responsive site is sprinting through the trees around his home in Arrowbear Lake, CA. Lincoln lives with our CEO and his wife among the most beautiful vistas the San Bernardino Mountains have to offer.

Breed: Springer Spaniel
Charity of Choice: Humane Society


Winnie Cooper

Self Care Manager

Winnie joined the DM family about a year ago when she was rescued from living in the woods nearby Lulubelle’s CoffeeShop. It’s a good thing our web content manager Natalie was working from the shop that day or she may have never met her! It’s a good thing we work from home because most days it’s hard to get Winnie out of bed. But she is great at reminding our team to take self care breaks throughout the day, and sneak in some cuddles.

Breed: Fancy cat
Charity of Choice: Mountains’ Humane Society Pet Rescue



Treat Manager

Charlie has been with DM (via Natalie) since 2020 and boy is she happy about it. Back in pre-Covid days, Charlie held a 9-5pm job. Well, sort of. She went in with mom to the job, but still, it was draining! Now that Charlie gets to work from home, she gets to supervise and makes sure that treats are handed out in a generous fashion. But don’t be fooled, Charlie is a hard worker and supports team DM in getting our work done in a timely fashion to ensure a (rather strictly enforced) 8pm bedtime.

Breed: Shiba Inu
Charity of Choice: So Cal Shiba Inu Rescue, Inc.

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