Do you…

  • have ambitions to create or market the world’s best websites for positive impact organizations?
  • seek to apply your skills to making a difference in the digital world?
  • want to collaborate with a team that challenges, encourages, and supports you to accomplish your goals and aspirations?
  • yearn for flexibility, training, and a life/work balance?




We are one of the few agencies that exclusively focuses on making a positive impact or supporting those that make a positive impact.

Having worked across the country with positive impact organizations, we are uniquely positioned to help you help others.

Large laptop sitting on fradting table
Our CEO's drafting table, where he works remotely.


Work Where You Are Happy

We work remotely and we know that happy, healthy people do better work. When you have the freedom to do your work the way you’d like where you’d like, we believe better work is done and it’s as simple as that.


Work With Clients That Make a Positive Impact

Imagine collaborating with organizations that are out there making a difference in the world for the better. It feels good to support those that do good.


Work With A Great Team

Not only will you be able to work with great clients, our team is pretty great too! Supportive, challenging, respectful are just some of the words that come to life at Digital Mountaineers.


Develop Personally and Professionally

Gather your ambitions and feel free to share with our team. We will do what we can to help you achieve what you’d like, including professional development trainings & courses, short-term goal-setting, and long-term goal-setting.


Our Work Culture is What You’d Want, Not Just What You’d Expect

We’re more than willing to share our knowledge and more than willing to listen. Challenge us as we plan to challenge you! Reach out for help as every team member may reach out to you. We want to holistically support you and supporting professional growth means supporting emotional growth as well.

Bonus Reason: 401(k) for All Employees

No age requirement and no service requirement. We believe if you are willing to commit to our team, then we are willing to commit to you. At Digital Mountaineers, we offer a 4% match. Because of this, we find that our employees are happier and less stressed about retirement.

Digital Mountaineers icon with text wrapped around


  • Yes, of course!
  • Yes, but in a different color.

Yes! We know life isn’t perfectly sculpted and we aren’t looking for the impossible.


Our best Mountaineers come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Good work and good perspective, does not look the same from every angle. And we want those different angles so we can best serve our clients.


We just want to deliver our best work to positive impact organizations. The better work we do, the more good our clients can do. If you know you have it in you and can prove it, that’s all it takes to become a Mountaineer.



It isn’t easy to become a Mountaineer, but it’s worth the effort.


After you send in your application, we’ll review it and reach out. We have been overwhelmed with applications, so give us a little time to properly absorb your resume and application.


We never filter applications based on superficial reasons such as level of formal education, past work experience, or age. Furthermore, we read every application and treat every application as a person. After all, that is what it’s meant to represent, isn’t it?


Interviews are done via phone calls and Slack. Since our day-to-day is 100% remote, we want the interview process with you to be similar to the way our team works. During the interview, we will ask about things like your motivation, technical depth, problem-solving skills, and managing unpredictability. We also set aside plenty of time for you to ask questions!

If the initial interview goes according to plan, we move on to our Thought Challenge. We will present you with a near-real-world challenge that a hypothetical client is facing, and will give you time to come back with a solution or approach.


This challenge should only take a couple hours of your time, but there is no set due date. After being presented with your Thought Challenge, we ask that you let us know a timeframe needed. Typically, hopeful Mountaineers take about a week.

We’ll move to the real world and you’ll get to see firsthand how we operate at Digital Mountaineers.


You will be given a small project(s), based on your availability, over the course of four to six weeks. This work should total around 20 hours and is designed to be very flexible.

This is it: The culmination of the entire process. It’s the point where we each have an opportunity to work with one another and, most importantly, make a positive impact together.


We’ll talk final rates/salary, start date, and what you need to make a smooth transition to Digital Mountaineers.



Hiring immediately. Title negotiable. Are you a web development and WordPress rockstar? We are looking for an experienced, perfectionist that wants to help us help those that help others. This position reports directly to the CEO. We all live in different time zones and that’s okay. You are free to work your day in your local time zone.


About You:

  • Passion for web accessibility (WAI-ARIA and WCAG 2.1+).
  • Exceptional HTML, CSS, & JavaScript skills.
  • Exceptional knowledge of PHP.
  • Advanced WordPress development experience (including with PHP/MYSQL).
  • Advanced WooCommerce development experience.
  • Knowledge of Google’s Core Web Vitals and how to address issues.
  • Website Speed is a priority and you know how to get there.
  • Excellent at ensuring websites are mobile-friendly.
  • Experience building and/or customizing WordPress plugins.
  • Experience with developing custom WordPress themes.
  • Experience with customizing popular WordPress themes.
  • Experience with creating custom post types.


Extra Credit:

  • Any IAAP Certification.
  • Any SEO Certification.
  • You’re actively involved in a11y communities.
  • Full stack experience beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with Advanced Custom Fields, Elementor, The Events Calendar, MemberPress, and other popular WordPress plugins.



Do you believe in Our Purpose and rock at business development? We are looking for energetic, results-driven individuals that want to help us help those that help others. This position reports directly to the CEO.


About You:

  • Have some form of Business Development experience.
  • Experienced in writing proposals.
  • Can communicate technical concepts to potential clients.
  • Can communicate with developers.
  • Familiarity with WordPress CMS.



Accessibility is a passion of our CEO and we are looking for a New Mountaineer that can take to task incorporating accessibility into everything we do. This position reports directly to the CEO.


About You:

  • Have some form of accessibility experience.
  • Familiarity with WordPress CMS.
  • Advanced knowledge of WCAG 2.1 Standards.
  • Experience with web accessibility tools (e.g. WebAIM/WAVE, aChecker, etc.)
  • Can communicate accessibility standards with developers.
  • Can communicate accessibility standards with UX/UI designers.


Extra Credit:

  • Any IAAP Certification.
  • You’re actively involved in a11y communities.

We are a minority-owned company and we want to do our part to promote diversity in the industry.

Differences are celebrated, good work is celebrated, and empathy for all is celebrated. We highly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

A passion for helping others. At the core of everything we do is a mission to do good. It’s important we have team members that have the same mission.

Excellent Communication Skills. We work remote, so the importance of good communication is amplified.

Self-Driven Work Ethic. Yes, we work remote, but we also give our Mountaineers freedom and flexibility. Because of this, one must be self-driven and bring it home with old-fashioned work ethic.

A Never-Ending Thirst for Knowledge. We Mountaineers are students of life and we love it!

Ready to take the leap? If so, please make sure to attach a cover letter answering the questions below and telling us a little about yourself. Also be sure to attach a resumé as a PDF. Lastly, let us know what you can contribute to the team.


Please answer the following questions in your cover letter, because without answers, the application cannot be considered.

  • Tell us about an interesting project or product you’ve worked on. What made it interesting?
  • What constructive criticism do you have for Digital Mountaineers? Is there anything you would recommend?
  • What is your favorite nonprofit or positive impact organization? What makes you passionate about them?
  • What questions do you have for us?