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Stop using your social media as a bulletin board

Hot take, but someone has to say it. 

Social media is an invaluable resource because it is a free way to build community and connect with new audience members if you are using it correctly. There is no right or wrong way to publicize your org and events, but there are more effective ways of utilizing tools like Instagram or Facebook.  

Think to a time you’ve walked by a crowded bulletin board at a school or local community center. When there is too much to look at, people usually don’t look. It’s overwhelming when so much information is vying for your attention, so it’s easy to tune out. But think about if you walk past a bulletin board with one bright pink sign. That would definitely grab your attention right? It’s the same concept with social media. Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you should cram in as much information as you can into one square.  

“Okay fine, then what should I post?” you might be wondering. We’re glad you asked!

Keep it simple

By all means, share about your org’s events and goings on, but keep your graphics simple. Lean into bright & bold colors. The graphic portion of your post is to catch someone’s eye as they’re scrolling. The text portion, or your caption, is where you can share pertinent event info and when possible, link to further information. When you add a link in your bio, you get folks over to click which is great for engagement. 

Map out your Instagram grid

When you create your posts, especially for Instagram, think about what it will look like on your grid. Think in terms of 3s, 6s, and 9s because that is the amount of squares you can see at once. If you post text only graphics on your grid, it’s going to look chaotic and frenzied, and that is not the vibe you want potential donors to see. When you keep in mind what the grid will look like, it will help inform what you share and how you share it. 

Evoke a feeling

How do you want your audience to feel when they look at your social media? Part of successful branding is about making sure that your organization’s voice is streamlined across all mediums, meaning that your social media should feel like your website and your website should feel like your e-blasts and collateral you hand out at events. Social media is a huge opportunity to connect with new people on a potentially deep level, which is why your social media is not a place to phone it in.

Work smarter, not harder

You don’t have to spend 20+ hours a week on social media. We get it, you’re busy doing the work that helps improve your community. But what if I told you that social media can help you reach even MORE community members and you can do it with $0 in ad spend? That said, if you decide to invest in ads or outreach, of course you’ll get more engagement. But guess what, even spending no money at all still gets you noticed. And it starts with creating posts that feel aligned with your org’s mission and values while also standing out from the rest. 

Ask yourself why

A good rule of thumb for sharing anything on social media comes down to a few important things. Am I sharing because I want to inform, engage, or entertain? All 3 are great, but you want to make sure you vary it up. If you only share your events, maybe it’s time to share something else. The reasons why you’re sharing something on your social media should always be different. You want to be speaking specifically to your donor persona. The more specific you get, the higher your engagement will be. 

If you are looking for some social media assistance, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click here and schedule a free consultation with us. Let us be your creative partner in amplifying your social media presence. Because here at Digital Mountaineers, no one climbs alone. 


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