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Celebrate National Dog Day by Helping Local Shelters

Today is National Dog Day!

If you are a dog lover like us, then you too know that today is a splendid day indeed! Here at DM, we’re celebrating our Canine Web Manager Lincoln and Senior Treat Manager Charlie! They remind our work from home team to play just as hard as they work!

Sweet Lincoln (on the left) was rescued from a shelter by our CEO & Founder Jordan just 30 minutes from being put down! And now, Lincoln is a hardworking pup and one of our most favorite team members!

Treat Manager Charlie aka Chuck (on the right)was adopted by our Social Media & Web Content Manager Natalie. Charlie was surrendered by her owner and lived in a Shiba Inu rescue shelter while she waited for her fur-ever home. Now she’s happy as a clam living and working from her mountain home. 

Animal Shelters Need Your Help

You may have read recently that many shelters in L.A. city and surrounding areas have been struggling. Between lack of staff and Covid cases soaring accounting for more than usual absences, there are some incredible shelter pups that go several weeks without as much as a walk. You can read more about the crisis in this LA Times article. Though this news breaks our hearts, hope is not lost!

Here are ways you can help! You can:

  • -Volunteer to walk and feed the animals
  • -Donate to a local shelter or nonprofit dedicated to helping shelter animals.
  • -Look out for and purchase items from shelter Amazon wish lists
  • -Foster a shelter animal in your home
  • -Adopt a shelter animal and gift them a fur-ever home

The LA Times started a great list of shelters in need who are doing great work and we added a few more to that list. Don’t hesitate to google local shelters in your area and ask how you can help!  

On this National Dog Day, know that YOU can make a difference in the life of a sweet animal in need. They are in need of safe homes where they are cared for and loved. Share your animal’s rescue story in the comments below! We love to hear about your fur babies! 



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