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As a website design and development agency, we review A LOT of websites. One of the most important things we could share with you is the value of having a strong homepage. The homepage of your website is often the most visited page and it is what will help to keep someone engaged and interested in continuing to click through your site to learn more about your org.

As we dive into a website redesign for our own organization, we gathered a few helpful hints when it comes to what makes a great homepage. 

Hold your visitor’s hand 

When someone arrives at your website, they may have stumbled upon your org or they are visiting to find out more about who you are and what you do. While you have their attention, you need to string the pearls together for them. Get inside of their mindset. What is the most common question you receive about your org? Make sure it is answered on your homepage. What are visitors most curious about? Make sure you lay out the homepage in a way that piques their interest. You want to be sure to only include snippets of information that will motivate them to click and go further into your site. 

Tell your story

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure that your homepage is doing the work of telling your org’s story with as much passion and fervor as possible. Gone are the days of cold, sterile communication. Now, people want to get to know who is behind the org and what motivates you all to do the good you do.

Choose colors that are easy to see & fonts that make sense for your website

Nothing is worse than landing on a homepage that you can’t read because the colors are too bright (or too dark) and the font is too small! For instance, don’t have yellow font on a red background. You want to be sure that a website newcomer can easily read what is on your homepage.  Always make sure that the info on your homepage is appropriately sized and the font makes a good impression. Not to knock Comic Sans, but…don’t use Comic Sans. 

Easy to navigate 

Of course you want your homepage to be a showstopper but more importantly, it needs to be easily navigated. The User Experience (UX) is key when you’re introducing your website to someone new. If they’re on your website, it’s because they WANT to know more about your org, so make it as easy as possible for them! When people get frustrated with a website they can’t navigate, they usually give up and won’t return. That is obviously not the ideal experience. Always make sure your site and homepage have been evaluated by a User Experience expert. 

Have a clear call to action 

Your homepage is a great place to feature a call to action button. Regardless of what you need, folks who are interested in your org will join you in your mission. Your homepage is a great place to ask for what you need. Don’t neglect the power of a DONATE or VOLUNTEER button. 

At the end of the day, there are endless ways to tell your story but as long as you tell it passionately and clearly, you are sure to find your audience. If you’d like a free homepage evaluation by one of our website designers, click here to schedule a free consultation with us. We’re here to help you help others! 


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