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Meet the Mascots

Whether you call them ‘Man’s Best Friend’ or a ‘Fur Baby’, animal lovers can all agree that life wouldn’t be as wonderful without them. At Digital Mountaineers, we take it to the next level. Our furry companions are our coworkers and our mascots.


Meet Fernweh.


Fernweh is a Beagle/Cattle Dog/Shorthaired Dachshund mix born Christmas Day 2017. She lives in Orange County, CA with Amie, the CMO, and her husband.


Favorite Toys: Anything Kong and treat puzzles! 


Favorite Game: Tag, nobody runs faster! Fetch is also played a lot.


Favorite Treats: Baby carrots & sweet potatoes with apple jerky


Talents: High jumping, sniffing everything, and destroying toys.

Comforts: Sleeping with blankets & pillows


Meet Lincoln.

Lincoln is a two year old Springer Spaniel. He lives in Arrowbear Lake, CA with Jordan, the Founder, his wife, and their two cats.

Favorite Toys: Sticks & branches  

Favorite Game: Racing around trees


Favorite Treats: Milkbones & cat treats


Talents: Permanent happiness


Comforts: Napping under the mountain sun


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