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Social Media for Nonprofits: Get Your Message Out

Is your organization taking the time to create and implement a successful social media strategy? It is no secret that social media is a great tool for spreading awareness about your nonprofits mission. While you work diligently to keep things running, it can feel impossible to dedicate time to social media content.

When you collaborate with Digital Mountaineers, our goal is for you to stay focused on positively impacting the world. Do what you do best, as we scale your digital mountains.

Create a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Many organizations understand the importance of posting on social media to connect with their audience, but are unaware of how to better maximize their efforts. 

Each post should help to achieve an identified SMART goal, driving the engagement of your audience in a measurable way. A comprehensive social media strategy helps to increase awareness about your mission, and establishes you as an expert. Through detailed analytics, we can see what posts are working, and when we need to revisit the drawing board.

Each social media platform should have its own dynamic strategy and its own benchmark goals.

Make an Impact

One of the best ways you can get your nonprofits message out, is to discuss your organizations mission in a personal way. What inspired you to start your non-profit? What personal experiences have you had to make you passionate about your mission?

When you make a personal connection with your audience, they are no longer buying into what they perceive you are – your audience becomes invested in you, as a human being.

These posts help to determine what your audience wants to know more about. Adapt your messaging accordingly to make sure that each post, comment, and sponsored ad are memorable, and meaningful.

Engage Your Audience

To build on the personal connection between the message and the audience, it is essential to engage your audience. Strong engagement leads to increased brand loyalty and makes the impression needed to have people remember your message. When you engage followers on social media, more viewers can see that engagement, and contribute to the conversation.


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