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If you are a nonprofit, DreamHost hosts your website for FREE

When we work with a client on a new website design & development, part of that process entails figuring out where the site will be hosted. There are a variety of hosting companies to choose from, but for Positive Impact Organizations, we highly suggest using DreamHost. Why? Because DreamHost provides completely free shared-website hosting to 501c3 nonprofit organizations for life. Yes, you read that correctly – for life!

If you are searching for a new website host, here are a few reasons why you should consider using DreamHost.

WordPress recommends using DreamHost. 

If you already have a website created by WordPress, you can easily migrate your site over to DreamHost. They manage security and updates, they optimize server performance – no wonder they come highly recommended by one of the world’s leading website building softwares. 

DreamHost is home to 1.5 million websites.

With over 20 years of hosting experience, the DreamHost family are professionals who truly care about your organization’s vision. DreamHost does not charge any additional fees to mask personal information and they encrypt your site for free (using SSL/TLS certificates) with “Let’s Encrypt”. They also offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, so if your website goes viral, you’re all set!    

DreamHost makes sure you know you aren’t in this alone.

As an employee-owned company, they keep the focus where it belongs: creating great work and keeping clients happy. They have 24/7 in house team members providing virtual customer service who understand what you need and will do their best to help you. There is no outsourcing here. Dreamhost believes in your organization’s dream and vision and that you shouldn’t have to worry about your hosting service provider mining your data for marketing purposes. Their open source platform gives you the power to share your data and the freedom to control how it’s used. Pretty revolutionary, right? It’s all part of their mission to make sure you know you have a partner in DreamHost.

They treat their employees like family. 

In addition to how wonderful they treat their customers, they have a phenomenally supportive company culture. They support their staff in a wholistic way. With 100% paid medical, dental & vision, paid vacation & sick time, 401k + employer matching, maternity & paternity leave, catered lunch, pet insurance, life insurance & long term disability, wellness programs, learning & growth opportunities, who wouldn’t want to support a company who takes such great care of the folks who give 40 hours a week to be there? 

Their free hosting plans have amazing features.

Menu of what is included in the unlimited shared plan at DreamHost

DreamHost will offer free shared-hosting with unlimited bandwidth & traffic, as long as your nonprofit maintains its 501c3 status. They value your vision and dedication to doing good, and want to help in any way that they can. 

As a boutique agency at Digital Mountaineers, we lead with heart and vision. We make it a point to choose partners who align with our values. When you come to us as a client, we have carefully selected who we work with so you have the smoothest, most rewarding experience possible. For us, partnering with DreamHost is indeed, a dreamy working relationship. Visit their website and see what we’re talking about! 

If you’d like to talk more about where your organization’s site is hosted, please contact us. We’re here to help – and save your organization money – in any way we can. 



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