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Quote from the client :

We have all found the Digital Mountaineers, LLC. staff to be knowledgeable, responsive, and professional.


About the client :

Mountain Transit’s previous website was aging and had gone through many developers/development firms. This made the backend of the site convoluted with different bits of code contradicting one another or overriding one another. Combined with age, it began to deteriorate. Updates often broke the site and it was not mobile-friendly.

With these issues beginning to affect the riders they serve, Mountain Transit sought to rebuild their website from scratch. Digital Mountaineers was chosen for the project, and we designed a brand new website from scratch.


Software/applications used :

WordPress with Elementor

The Challenge

As Mountain Transit is a public agency with complex needs, we had to meet with many vendors and coordinate their involvement on the new website. This included integrating features such as:
- DoubleMap – A live map tracking buses on their routes.
- GTFS – A feature that relays public transit routes to vendors such as Google maps.
- TokenTransit – A mobile app that allows riders to pay fares through it.
- Google Maps trip planning.
- And so on.

How we help

We also had to develop some custom solutions such as:
- Creating an easy way to create, post, and manage job postings.
- Creating an easy way to create, post, and manager public board meeting documents.
We were able to deftly navigate the complexities and even offer suggestions along the way to make management easier for the organization.


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